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  • 【2019年11月17日更新】トレイルルートへの台風19号の影響について (Notice: Impact of Typhoon Hagibis on the MCT Route)

【2019年11月17日更新】トレイルルートへの台風19号の影響について (Notice: Impact of Typhoon Hagibis on the MCT Route)

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We would like to offer our sincere sympathy to the people living in the regions hit by Typhoon Hagibis.

Important information about Michinoku Coastal Trail:
Typhoon damages such as landslides, floods, etc. have occurred in various places on the trail.


■ Route status

Please check the table below that summarizes the route status. In addition, please check Google map now open. Some damage points are being posted. (the point numbers in the table is corresponding on the map)

Currently, damage information is updated from time to time, but the impact is widespread, and it takes time to get the full picture. So, please check the latest information posted on the municipal website, FB page, etc. also. Landslides and fallen trees occur on unpaved roads such as nature trails and mountain trails. Also, some paved roads are damaged, so please refrain from walking for the time being.