• お知らせ
  • 施設の貸出を再開いたします。(Resuming reservations for rooms at Natori Trail Center)

施設の貸出を再開いたします。(Resuming reservations for rooms at Natori Trail Center)


1 室の定員

講義室 机有:54名、机無(椅子のみ):80名
会議室 椅子のみ:24名
実習室 椅子のみ:24名

2 ご協力いただく感染対策

  • 利用者は入室前に手指のアルコール消毒を行ってください。
  • 利用者は原則マスクを着用してください(飲食の際を除く)。
  • 席の配置については、利用者が密接しないようある程度の距離を確保し、近接での対面を避けてください。
  • 利用中は部屋の窓や扉を開ける、換気を強にするなど、常時換気を行ってください。
  • 飲食を行う場合は、対面で会話しない、飲食の前に手洗い・アルコール消毒を行う等、感染対策を十分に行ってください。
  • 部屋の利用終了後は、マイク、テーブル、椅子等、使用した物品のアルコール消毒を行ってください。

3 名取トレイルセンターで用意(貸出)する物品

  • 手指消毒用アルコール
  • 設備消毒用アルコール
  • 設備消毒用タオル


Natori Trail Center had suspended reservations to use our lecture room and other rooms, to help lower the risk of spreading the new coronavirus among groups, but we have now resumed taking reservations.

Those who want to use rooms in the center will need to take the precautions listed below.
If you want to apply to use a room, please go to About Natori Trail Center and click on “Rules for using rooms and application form” at “To use a facility.”

1. Number of people allowed

The maximum number of people allowed to use the rooms are half of the normal allowance.
Lecture room: normally 54 people with tables, or 80 people with chairs only (this means now up to 27 people with tables, up to 40 people with chairs only).
Meeting room: normally 24 people with chairs only (now up to 12 people allowed).
Practice room: normally up to 24 people with chairs only (now up to 12 people allowed).

2. Necessary precautions

  • Please have all members sterilize their hands with alcohol before entry.
  • Please have all members wear masks (except during mealtimes).
  • Please use a seating arrangement with enough space between participants to stay safe, and avoid facing people toward each other at a close distance.
  • While using the room, allow more air to circulate regularly by opening the windows and/or doors, or putting the ventilation on high.
  • If your group eats or drinks, please take the necessary measures to prevent infection, which includes not having conversations facing each other and washing and disinfecting hands with alcohol before the meal.
  • After finishing use of the room, please disinfect the items your group has used with alcohol, such as microphones, tables, chair, etc.

3. Natori Trail Center can supply the following:

  • Alcohol disinfectant for hands
  • Alcohol disinfectant for cleaning items in the room
  • Towel(s) for disinfecting items