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About Natori Trail Center

The Natori Trail Center shares information necessary for hiking the Michinoku Coastal Trail and information about long trails and the hiking culture. The center also provides hikers, locals and tourists with a space to relax and interact.

Michinoku Coastal Trail

"The Michinoku Coastal Trail stretches more than 1,000 kilometers and connects four prefectures and 28 towns and cities from Hachinohe, Aomori to Soma, Fukushima.
Triggered by the reconstruction of the areas stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake, the trail was paved in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, concerned local governments, private organizations and the local people.
The philosophy of the trail, which is maintained by a public-private partnership, is to value the beautiful nature and scenery, interactions between the locals and visitors, the blessings of nature, memories of the disaster and lifestyles, history and culture derived from a symbiosis with nature."


12-1, 3 chome, Yuriagehigashi, Natori City, Miyagi 981-1204

By car
Approx. 5 minutes from Natori Interchange and approx. 20 minutes from Sendai Airport
By bus
20-30 minutes from Natori Station, 10 minutes from Sendai Airport Station (Yuriage Line: "Natori Trail Center" stop)