• Privacy policy

1.Basic concept

We gather data about the people who use the Michinoku Coastal Trail Natori Trail Center website (http://mct-natori-tc.jp, hereinafter “this website”) as necessary to facilitate the services provided on this website (e.g. providing information on the website, receiving feedback). The data gathered will be handled properly within the original purpose of its use.

2.Scope of data gathered

This website automatically gathers data such as domain names, IP addresses and history of browsing this website. Some of the pages provided by this website use cookies (data that is sent from the server to the user’s browser and saved on the user’s computer so that the server can easily identify the user). However, we use no data that may allow the use of cookies to identify any individual. Cookies may be deactivated in the user’s browser setting. If you use the Inquiry e-mail form to make an inquiry, be sure to enter your name and e-mail address. If you use the form to make an inquiry about the copyrights of this website, be sure to enter your e-mail address and website address (only if you wish to link to the site).

3.Purpose of use

The data gathered according to 2. above will be used to facilitate the services provided by this website. The data gathered via the e-mail form for inquiries and the data from inquiries about copyrights may be used to reply to inquiries.

4.Restrictions on use and provision

We will not use or provide any data gathered to any third party for purposes other than stated in 3. above unless the disclosure of such data is required by law, due to an illegal act such as unauthorized access or for any other special reason.
However, we may disclose data about access to this website, after processing it statistically.

5.Measures to ensure safety

We will take measures necessary to prevent the leak, loss or destruction of data gathered and to ensure the proper management of the data gathered.

6.Scope of application

This privacy policy applies across this website.


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