• About Natori Trail Center

Role of the Natori Trail Center

The Natori Trail Center shares information necessary for hiking the Michinoku Coastal Trail and information about long trails and the hiking culture. The center also provides hikers, locals and tourists with a space to relax and interact.

At the center, view a gigantic panel of information about the areas along the trail and books on long trails in Japan and overseas. An 80-seat lecture room, a practice room equipped with a kitchen, a meeting room, shower rooms, washing machines and other facilities are also available for use. A campsite and a grassy square will be completed adjacent to the center. The center is an enjoyable experience for many people.

Information for users

Michinoku Coastal Trail - Natori Trail Center

Address: 12-1, 3 chome, Yuriagehigashi, Natori City, Miyagi 981-1204
Phone: +81-22-398-6181
FAX: 022-398-6182
Hours open*: April - November / 9 a.m. ? 5 p.m.
December - March / 9 a.m. ? 4 p.m.
Closed*: Tuesdays and from December 29 to January 3
Admission fee: Free
Parking: 2 large bus parking spaces
56 regular car parking spaces (including 2 accessible parking places)

*Hours open and days closed may be subject to change.

Information for users

Facility guide

Floor map

Floor map
案内所 談話室 売店 サンルーム 男女別シャワー室 男女別シャワー室 男女別シャワー室 洗濯室 洗濯室 講義室 会議室 実習室

1. Information desk

  • Natori Trail Center staff will help you on your trek.

2. Lounge

【Information area about the Michinoku Coastal Trail】
  • Here, you can obtain a variety of information about the Michinoku Coastal Trail. Come to the lounge if you need information to plan your hike.
Large map of the complete Michinoku Coastal Trail
  • The 5-meter-long map allows you to see, at a glance, the entire route, notes, must-see sights and other pieces of useful information.
Information about the four prefectures and 28 cities and towns
  • Brochures are available for visitors to learn about the four prefectures and 28 cities and towns that the trail passes through, satellite facilities and other information about tourism and convenient facilities.
Video of the Michinoku Coastal Trail
  • The video shares information about the Michinoku Coastal Trail and interviews people involved in the paving of the trail and trail hikers.
  • Power outlets for charging devices are also available.
【Hikers’ Lounge】
  • Relax on the sofa by the fireplace (lit in the winter only).
Noriyoshi Kato section
  • This area features information about Mr. Noriyoshi Kato, one of the founders of the Michinoku Coastal Trail.
  • The library has books on long trails in Japan and overseas, the hiking culture, nature, the culture and history of the four prefectures and 28 cities and towns, and more. Come and gather information before hiking.
【Natori City tourism map】
  • Get tourism information about Natori and surrounding area.

3. Shop

  • Get merchandise including hiking equipment and souvenirs from the center.

4. Sunroom

  • Relax and look at the garden through the window. You can also eat in the sunroom.

5. Men’s and women’s showers

  • The building has two showers each for men and women. They are available for use by hikers and participants in the center’s programs. If you wish to use them, contact the information desk.

6. Laundry room

  • Coin-operated washing machines and dryers are available.

7. Lecture room

Lecture room
  • Used for lectures and large meetings.
  • Area: 96.1 square meters
  • Screen, microphone (audio system) and projector
  • With tables: Maximum of 54 persons (18 three-seat tables, laid out in three rows and six columns)
  • Without tables: Maximum of 80 persons (80 chairs)

8. Meeting room

Meeting room
  • Available for medium-sized meetings and experience programs, among other activities
  • Area: 41.4 square meters
  • Whiteboard and projector
  • Maximum of 24 persons (4 six-seat tables)

9. Practice room

Practice room
  • Available to practice cooking and handicrafts
  • Area: 68.8 square meters
  • Gas stove and cooking utensils
  • Maximum of 24 persons (4 six-seat tables)

To use a facility

If you wish to use the Natori Trail Center lecture room, meeting room or practice room,
read our rules for use before contacting the Natori Trail Center.
*We may not permit the usage of a facility if it is deemed to not be a use that falls within our rules for using rooms.

Rules for using rooms and application form

Yuriage, Natori and the surrounding area

In the Edo period, Yuriage flourished as a port town under the direct rule of the Sendai Domain. Previously, the population of the town had reached approximately 5,500 people. The tsunami triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake devastated Yuriage in an instant.

Reconstruction is under way, as houses are being built and industrial complexes are being developed and improved, among other initiatives. Here, you can see and feel the powerful efforts being put toward reconstruction.

Yuriage Port Morning Market, Maple Hall

Kawamachi Terasu Yuriage

Monument to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake